Black Insomnia Coffee: This is the strongest coffee in the world!

Sean Kristafor from Cape Town created the strongest coffee in the world with the apt name Black Insomnia. Although this coffee is super strong, its flavor is very subtle, yet distinct. Coffee has a strong aroma. It is a natural source of energy. In the production of this coffee, the emphasis is placed on quality from the very first step, which is the selection of first-class coffee machines.

Insomnia contains 1105 milligrams of caffeine per cup (350 ml), making it the strongest coffee in the world. It is not just an advertising slogan, the claims are also confirmed by laboratory tests that Sean Kristafor had processed. According to the SGS laboratory, there are 17.5 grams of pure caffeine in a single kilogram of Black Insomnia coffee! So far, the title of "strongest" has been held by Death Wish Coffee with a content of 13.2 grams of caffeine per kilogram.

According to numerous recommendations, the daily recommended maximum dose of caffeine should not exceed 400 mg - which is the amount of up to 6 properly made espresso cups from Arabica. In the case of Black Insomnia coffee, it's just two cups of espresso a day. Black Insomnia Coffee is therefore up to three times stronger.

You can now taste this unique coffee in the form you like (Caffé Ristretto, Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato). If you like coffee, you can buy it at the reception.

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