Indulge yourself a well-deserved relaxation and choose from our offer of massages in Hotel Amálka.

Aroma massage

Aroma massage, also called aromatherapy massage, is a relaxing massage associated with the healing effect of essential oils, it improves health, relieves stress, strengthens the body's immunity and harmonizes the body and the psyche. Aroma massage combines the effects of touch with the power of olfactory sensations. 

Sports-relaxing massage

Sports and reconditioning massages are in the category of classical massages that focus on massaging the muscles of the most stressed parts of the body, such as the back and leg muscles, but of course, they also deal with the whole body. 

Hot Stones

It is an ancient massage that has long been practiced in the Hawaiian Islands or in China. Heat and waves from lava stones restores the flow of energy, releases toxins, stress and regenerates body and spirit. The hot pressure from the stones also penetrates into muscles immediately, where releases convulsions, helps with pain and stiffness. It has positive impact on blood circulation, lymph and immune system, digestion and metabolism. 

Ritual massage of five elements

It is a massage ritual inspired by India. This ritual massage lasts for 90 minutes and consequently uses techniques close to individual elements according to the Indian philosophy - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Acacia.

Hawaiian massage

Hawaiian massage is considered a pearl among massages. The techniques of this massage come from the Hawaiian Islands. Very smooth, soft and deep techniques are used, not only fingers and palms, but also forearms are used. Hawaiian massage brings true relaxation and undisturbed exotic massage experience. 

Reiki therapy

Reiki is a soft, non-invasive therapy where healing energy passes through the hands of the therapist and flows in a concentrated form to the other person. In Reiki treatment, energy is often perceived as a pleasant warmth coming from the therapist hands which helps to cleanse, regenerate, soothe and relax not only body but also the soul and emotions. 

Book a massage of your choice at least 1 day in advance.