Wellness center

Let yourself be pampered in the hotel wellness center. Give your body a few hours of rest and enjoy relax in a pleasant environmnet of original cellar premises. You can choose from three types of saunas, salt chamber or massage chair. Indulge yourself a well-deserved relaxation in the hotel swimming pool or rent a private whirlpool. Relaxing music and tranquile atmosphere will help you draw new energy and strength. 

Relaxing pool with whirlpool

Make your stay even more pleasant and relax in our hotel swimming pool or in whirlpool which is the ideal choice to relax your muscles and release tensions. There is also an outside terrace with loungers by the pool, where you can sunbath in the summer.

Sauna world

Sauna has beneficial effects on our health. Regular visit of sauna enhance immunity of the human organism and helps to stiffen and regenerate. It brings the relaxation of muscles, strengthening of immunity and good effect on the psyche. In our wellness center you can choose from three types of saunas. 

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is heated with sauna stoves with lava stones at a temperature in the range of 80-90°C and has a minimum air humidity. Finnish sauna warms your whole body and gets out harmful substances from it. It is also important to cool down the body in an ice pool or under a cooling bucket. At least 2 or 3 repetitions of warming in hot air and subsequent cooling are optimal.


In biosauna, relative air humidity does not exceed 70% and temperature 70°C. Humid air is scented with fragrant essences, such as eucalyptus. This type of sauna is mainly popular among women, thanks to the milder environment and beneficial effect on skin. 

Infra sauna

This type of sauna is taken in temperatures up to 50°C and has a number of healing and beneficial effects on our body. When taking sauna, our body is warmed up to 2.5 cm deep and we sweat intensively, releasing toxins and heavy metals which build up in our body for a long time. Thus, the organism is detoxicated and overally relaxed. If we speak of classic sauna as toughening, then infra sauna is healing.

After the sauna, you can cool down in the ice pool and just top up the ice water bucket.

Massage chair

Enjoy a special relax on a luxury massage chair Profimedica Zero Gravity 38, that will massage your whole body from head to toe in a zero gravity position for total relaxation. First the chair scans the client, finds out how tall he is, where he has acupressure points and adjusts the massage accordingly. The massage comprises 5 types of massage techniques: Shiatsu, kneading, swirling movements, tapping and synchronized kneading, and massage technique with fine swirling movements with extended fingers.

Massage cycle lasts 20 minutes and corresponds to a 60-minute massage of the entire body from the masseur. It has a positive effect on the relief of fatigue, the support of the blood circulation, the relaxation of stressed muscles, the relaxation of the muscular tension, the relief of the pain of the nerves and the alleviation of the muscular pain. In order to completely eliminate the problem, 4 visits are recommended. Relaxing music of your choice (murmur of the sea, mantra or relaxing music) is a commonplace.

Salt chamber

Relaxing music, salt scents and comfortable loungers evoke complete relaxation of both the body and mind.

Relaxing room

Vaulted brick ceilings in the cellar underline the soothing atmosphere of the relaxation room. Sitting on heated ceramic benches and refilling lost liquids is an important cycle in taking sauna.

The wellness center can be rented privately. If you are interested in booking please call us at +420 416 811 114 or contact us at e-mail info@hotel-amalka.cz